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Beaches Restaurant & Bar - Vancouver - Two words: GO HERE. We've eaten out a lot in our lives...I mean an abnormal amount when we really think about it. We've dined at the finest 5-star restaurants, grabbed a bite at the localist of local, and everything in between, but Beaches, my goodness. This was the most incredible service either one of us has ever experienced. We grabbed a high top in the bar and were greeted, not by our server, but by Sarah (fingers crossed that's her name!) who first asked us our names - I mean what?! Who does that?! It was so unique and awesome! She grabbed our drink orders, and made some app recommendations, but not in the way that they're usually made where you know they say the same thing to every table and are just rattling something off. She was truly interested in what we like and made suggestions based on that. When it was time to place our food orders and Ashley, our actual server, did not miss one single beat. She came back around to check on us and was so wonderfully personable. She talked, asked questions, and really listened which was refreshing. Then, Ally, the manager came over to do the infamous "table touch". When she walked over I expected it to be the same "I'm the manager, how are you doing, good, ok bye" conversation but wow was I wrong. She went around the table calling us by name as she introduced herself! She  commented that we should have gotten a certain flatbread that sounded delicious but we didn't see it on the menu because it had been served at lunch. She chatted for a bit longer before moving on, but shortly later came back with the lunch flatbread for us to try! She said it was just too good not to share. Dessert time rolled around, and by this time we were stuffed after ordering the Lobster & Red Crab Dip, Rustic Tuscan Pizza, Korean Teriyaki Rice Bowl, Pacific Crab & Shrimp Cakes, and a great salmon dish they had on special that night, BUT we'd seen Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie at a few different restaurants and thought it was regional so really wanted to give it a try. Ashley told us about their special dessert with ice cream made just for them and encouraged us to get that one instead, but we were sticking to our plan and ordered the chocolate peanut butter pie. Well, not only did she bring that out, but she brought out a huge sample of the special dessert and you guys, she was NOT kidding!!! It was SO good and completely blew our choice out of the water. Before dropping the check, she brought over a bag of caramel corn to snack on while they waited for their flight. All the 'extras' were complimentary and definitely knocked our socks off BUT, what really put this place over the top was the impeccable service. Each person we encountered was completely confident and knowledgeable about the food they were serving and about what service really means, and they were all so kind and genuine! We will be in Portland for 2 months and don't really love going places more than once, but with Beaches, we'll be back every chance we get because of the incredible team they have taking care of their guests.

The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen - Vancouver - Really neat comfy/heavy atmosphere with lots of music related decor. Our server was super friendly, quick, and attentive. We ordered some chips & queso to start and then came 12" of Crazy Little Thing. It was everything we hoped it be and filled our we-must-have-pizza-now need.


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