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Our Infertility Journey: An update and call to action

Our Infertility Journey: An update and call to action

Lesson: Don't just say....DO.

The first IUI we did right before we hit the road didn't "work", so my doctor and I agreed we would move forward one day at a time based on my cycle. Blair and I had a trip back to Minnesota scheduled for the beginning of October. It's a long standing family weekend full of 4-wheeling, baking cookies, and being together we just couldn't miss. Looking at my cycle days showed the timing for another IUI just might hit while we were home! I called my doctor and started another round of Clomid with the instructions to call when my ovulation test showed positive so we could schedule an IUI for the next day. I was hopeful with the timing, but because it's really day-by-day, I didn't put too much weight on it.


Our flight was scheduled for Thursday night and as luck would have it, that was the same day my ovulation test showed positive! An IUI was scheduled for early Friday morning, which meant that when we landed in Minneapolis at 11:45pm we had to grab our bags, a rental car, and drive the almost three hours to Duluth. We pulled into our hotel around 2:30am and were up and at our appointment by 7:45am - doing life on a full day of travel plus 4ish hours of sleep is hard! It worked out well though because we were able to get the IUI and still fit in a full weekend of family fun.

And now, we wait. We've done this before and have been busy exploring Maine, NYC, and traveling to Virginia so our stress and anticipation levels around the wait-to-see-if-your-pregnant thing are pretty low. Trying to live by the mantra, what will be, will be! Not a lot of emotion because it's really just an update for those of you following our story and it's just two weeks of waiting...shouldn't there at least be Jeopardy music playing in the background?!


There is just one thing I want to get a little mushy about though. As I've talked about before, the outpouring of support we have received throughout this journey has been truly amazing. People we know, as well as complete strangers, have reached out expressing their love, thoughts, prayers, support, and good vibes. It's been incredible to experience the strength you can feel simply by knowing others are rooting for you.

It was the last day of our family weekend and I was in a bit of a rush to leave because I had a plane to catch. As I was walking out, Blair's uncle grabbed me and his two granddaughters and said, "Shae, come here for a minute". We got down to their level, held hands, and they prayed with me. The tears were instant. So many people have prayed for me, but he was the first to pray with me. It touched my heart so deeply and made me realize that words are powerful, but action can impact you in a whole different way.


When you read something on Instagram and type, "sending prayers", actually do it.  When you wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook, really take a moment to think about them and send good thoughts. The next time you encounter someone struggling with infertility (or just in general) pray with them, or hug them a little longer, or simply give them an encouraging squeeze on the shoulder - in some way, acknowledge their struggle and give them strength through your love and focus. Take a few moments to remove the noise of life and let your heart connect with theirs. Don't just say words because you think you should, say them because you mean them and follow with action whether big or small. 

A struggling heart can be strengthened with just a little action.

When the only option is to laugh...

When the only option is to laugh...

Exactly what you need.

Exactly what you need.