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A week of Bull Sh**

A week of Bull Sh**

So, thus far, full time RV Life has been pretty great, I even walked into our house on wheels the other night after work, smiled, and thought, wow, I'm so lucky.  And then this week happened...

We've had a few hiccups already - moving spots and forgetting to turn the electric heat back on so a sponge bath and quick hair wash in the sink were better options than the ice water coming out the shower head - having a dead battery in our key fab resulting in us having to break into our own RV by way of a tiny guillotine like window through which I only fit feet first - learning to tolerate cool showers due to a faulty AquaHot system - you know, the usual things.

This week though, was one for the books...or the blog I guess...

Monday started off as the coldest night/morning we've had so far this fall and as we woke up all snuggled up in our amazing West Elm down comforter, it felt a little extra cold "out there". We finally pulled back the covers and discovered that sure enough, it was 52 degrees inside and 28 outside. On the coldest day of the year we have no heat, and no clue why...

As I was on the floor snuggling with Leila, in a panic I asked Blair why the floor was wet and like most of us would do, he smelled it. Not pee. Pee would have been a welcomed option because a section of our bedroom floor is soaking wet and we have zero idea why or where the water is coming from... 

A weekend full of hard running and being outside left our little pup exhausted, and with a seriously concerning breathing situation. Her sneezes come about every 3rd breath, and forget about her running outside - the moment she steps out the door, she's sneezing and gasping for air. Blair took her to the vet who said it's a case of reverse sneezing and isn't really sure why it's happening or how long she'll be dealing with this...

In our move we got a little overzealous in the purging of stuff and discovered we had gotten rid of all our pots and pans.  Somehow new ones hadn't ever made it into the Amazon cart, BUT, we had just gotten our slow cooker so I was super excited to actually make a meal at home - until every recipe I wanted to try called for browning or sauteing something, for which, you need a pan. Finally found one that looked good and didn't need all the prep work, just to cook on high for 4 hours..low for 8 should be the exact same thing right?  Nope. Not a chance.  Came home to disgustingly soggy potatoes and green beans, but the chicken was sallvagable...so we ate it on the only thing we had, hot dog buns...

I get a call from Blair asking me if I've seen his keys. Of course, we don't have a spare so the guy spends about an hour frantically trying to find them. The decision is made that they have literally vanished, so I leave work, travel the 20 minutes to pick him up, drop him off, and a full hour later, return to work. That night I got home, threw a head lamp on, and prayed my heart out to St. Anthony. (Side note: For any of you who ever lose anything, pray to St. Anthony, he is a miracle worker..."Dear St. Anthony, come around, help me find what can't be found.") The keys are nowhere inside, so to the garage* I go. Nothing. Then it's laps going back and forth over the entire outside space he may have gone. Nothing. Next, to the truck in case they fell out inside. Nothing.  Finally, as a total and complete last resort, I head to the basement* where I stare at the deep freezer located on a slide out shelf. For a reason I'll never know, I pulled out the drawer and there, underneath, were the keys. St. Anthony people, I'm telling you!

Finally it's Thursday and I'm crabby.  I'm crabby because it's been a sh** week, because it's Halloween weekend and we are slotted to do nothing but get ready to hit the road, because the weather has been grey and I thrive on sunshine, and...just because.  Blair says, maybe we need a glass of wine, and by-god I think he's onto something. Pulling out a bottle we've been saving for quite awhile, I grab the cork screw, start to pull it out...and this. The cork breaks in half. I looked at Blair and started to laugh because this moment has just completely epitomized the entire week and the only option left, is to surrender...to let all that sh**iness just wash over us and give in to the fact that sometimes life has moments that are just a big pile of bull sh**.

The thing about marriage though is that for each of these moments, we had each other. In each crap moment, we had laughter. When I didn't think I could take it anymore, I had B telling me it'll be ok. When he was overwhelmed, frustrated, and at his whits end with what to do, I was there to focus in and find what needed to be found.  We took these moments of BS (bull sh**) and were able to turn them into moments of BS (Blair & Shae). I think that in the world of social media, of sharing, and of comparison, we forget that it's ok to have bad moments...it's ok to throw your hands up and say alright, this crappy moment wins for now...and it's even ok to need your partner.  I think this week of BS definitely reminded me that I can surrender to the crap and ask Blair to be there for me...but also that when it's his turn to surrender, I need to be his lifesaver pulling him back to shore.  

High's can't be high without the valleys in-between.  This week I'm trudging through the valley knowing the climb to come will be oh so worth it. Here's to broken corks and the goodness that lies below if you just keep digging! 


*Garage = our 25ft trailer we'll be pulling behind us filled with "garage stuff"

*Basement = heated storage area below RV, literally officially called the "basement"

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